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terrible traffic tuesday, a combination of factors could make today one of the worst kmuts of your year. school is in session, the last day, local students head back to class. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. take a look outside, another gorgeous monday -- or tuesday morning. september 7th, tom kierein, traffic may be a nightmare, but the weather, nice. >> pavement is dry, shouldn't have any trouble getting off to work and school this morning. good news for the school bus drivers too. many of the rookie drivers are a little nervous about the new route. all they need is to have rain but none of that this morning. near 70 in washington and near the bay. it's in the 60s in prince
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george's and fairfax and arlington and montgomery counties. crescent moon beginning to rise in the eastern sky. in the mountains, western maryland and west virginia, many locations chilly, near 50 there. high pressure over the region giving us plenty of sunshine today and a southerly breeze should warm us into the upper 80s by mid afternoon. not very humid. tomorrow, partly cloudy, midday clouds might produce a passing shower and blustery afternoon wind and cooler weather thursday and friday as the sun returns. ashley, how's the tuesday traffic now? >> i come bearing good news out of virginia. the beltway is wide open heading up towards 50 and 66. along 95, you do have company as you make your way leaving the prince william parkway towards route 1 seems to be the worse of it. this is the pace and the headlights may throw you off, they are at the posted speed limit there's a lot of drivers there. 270 southbound is starting to stack up, not terrible but
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definitely slow from 109 to the truck scales and after that, no problems. around the beltway, we are rolling problem free right now at the posted speed limit. no big problems there, you are flying, of course at the speed limit. craig and eun, back to you. >> ashley, thank you. be prepared for pay messy commute as nearly everyone heads back to work and school today. each year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of the worst commutes in the d.c. area making this terrible traffic tuesday. tracee wilkins is live in college park overlooking 95 with this commute. how is it looking so far? >> reporter: i know you can see the difference, more cars behind us, folks quickly trying to get their commute started knowing it's going to be difficult today with all of traffic converging on our area roads. they call it terrible traffic tuesday. basically you need to be ready for a lot of gridlock. >> it's called terrible traffic tuesday, the day after labor day
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where government workers head back along with school buses and students packing the roads. >> i'm expecting it to be a little crazy, just the traffic it seems like it's been really bad this year, some summer, pretty crazy summer. >> reporter: aaa atlantic spokesmen say there are 3 million workers and half drive to work by themselves. here are some areas to look out for. >> most of the potomac river crossings, construction is going on all except one. i-95 south, 300,000 cars. greenbelt, which is the most congested part of the beltway. >> metro is an option but if you ride the red line, trains will be running at a reduced speed for repair work at several stations this past weekend. there's nothing i can do beside get on the train at the regular time and hope for the best. >> reporter: you may want to make this the year you consider
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telecommuting or teleworking or even a car pool. in the meantime, give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes to get to work today because the roads will be packed. back to you in the studio. >> adding to the congestion, hundreds of thousands of kids in our area are heading back to school. here's the list. first day of classes for students in fairfax, prince william, stafford, loudoun and arlington, students in the city of alexandria go back to school today. in fairfax, the new school year means new fees because of budget constraints, they'll have to pay a $100 per sport activity fee and $70 for ib and ap tests. we'll talk to county school superintendent ahead live at 6:15. a new nbc news/wall street
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journal poll reflects the mood of many americans as the political campaign season heats up. democrats and the white house knew it was bad but it looks like it maybe worse than first thought. kimberly suiters joins us with the numbers. >> reflecting real possess mix among american voters. 49% disapprove of the job president obama is doing. 5 6% don't like the handling of the economy. 50% say the country is on the wrong track and 56% don't feel confident our children's generation will have it better. something possibly hopeful for democrats, the party is viewed positively by 36% of those sur vaf vaed. that's higher than the 30% that have a positive review of republicans. those who have the highest interest in this year's elections, those surveyed prefer republican congress by a split
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of 53/35%. you heard that expression, it's the economy stupid. that mantra appears to be driving the president's message to voter voters. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour and minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work. >> the economy simply is not going to improve before the election. this nothing barack obama can do about that. >> people are focused on the numbers, unemployment, jobs and the president getting on tv or appearing in your town and telling you he's got ideas for the future. that doesn't cut it for most voters. >> this nbc wall street journal poll wasn't all bad. 52% approve of the president's handling of the war in iraq. you'll find this interesting, when asked, if you had the opportunity to kick everybody out of congress, regardless of party, would you do it? 48% of those polled said they would do it. back to you.
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>> kimberly suiters in the newsroom, thanks. >> five people are recovering from shootings on consecutive nights within a block in northeast washington. two teenage girls and an adult were shot around the corner on the 300 block of 53rd street northeast at the clay terrace apartments sunday night. it's not yet clear if the two shootings are connected. everyone is expected to survive. we're following a developing story, a fast-moving fire forced more than a thousand people in colorado to evacuate their homes. some homeowners lost everything. strong gusty winds fanned the flames northwest of boulder. 100 firefighters had been working to put out the fire. no injuries have been reported at this point the cause remains under investigation. this morning tropical storm hermine is battering south texas, it came ashore late last night in northeast mexico, packing 65-mile-per-hour winds.
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hermine could bring as much as a foot of rain to some areas, still recovering from hurricane alex in june. a tropical storm warning is still in effect for part of mexico. the time is 6:08. ahead this morning, let's make a deal. why lawyers for the jetblue flight attendant were burning the midnight oil. dramatic video of a fire at a barn and dramatic rescue efforts to save the lives of horses trapped inside. the first day that thousands of parents have to check the bus stop forecast. tom kierein will have it for us right after this.
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rmgts time for weather and traffic on the ones. you shouldn't have any trouble weatherwise as we get back to school and work on this turs under a clear sky. it's 70 in washington and right near the bay, weather watchers reporting elsewhere, cheer skies, cool temperatures only in the mid-50s in the northern shenandoah valleys. sunny today and hoe humidity, highs reaching mid to upper 80s mid afternoon. midday, slight chance of a passing shower tomorrow as the front comes in. should have a blustery northwest wind bringing in cooler weather and dry conditions for thursday and friday. a look at the weekend in ten minutes. ashley, how's the traffic now?
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>> we're starting you off with a marc train delay, can dem heading southbound along 843. expected to be eight-minute delay through that stretch. elsewhere on 270 headed southbound, we continue to add up on these delays. it's going to be heavy from 109 to the truck scales, elsewhere around the region, the dulles toll road all doing fine. the headlights are traveling along the dulles toll road and the brake lights are along 28. no problems to report out of the loudoun county area towards the beltway. you're in great shape. craig and eun back to you. 6:12 is your time. 69 degrees. ahead a tragedy caught on tape. horses trapped inside a burning barn close to a popular race track. adrian fenty calls himself the underdog. this morning he picked up another endorsement one week away from the primary. hundreds and thousands of
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kids are up and getting ready to school. c doubleeat, dtoda
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summer vacation is over this morning for tens of thousands of kids in our area. classes resume today in several counties including fairfax. megan mcgrath is live outside of madison high school in vienna with the county superintendent. >> reporter: good morning, eun, after a nice long summer break it is back to class for the students in fairfax county. we're expecting to see a lot of activity at our location here. this high school you see behind me and a lot of kids excited about seeing friends and teachers excited about getting back in the classroom. i'm joined by the superintendent of schools, dr. jack dale, you've got challenges ahead of you this year. you've got an increase in enrollment and you're seeing a decrease in funding. >> we've had over the last couple of years a decrease in funding from the state level as well as from our decrease for the current school year from the board of supervisors. we've had previous years had to make reductions in teaching force, increasing class size. for this year that was spared.
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we do have new fees for students, advanced placement, international fees students will be expected to pay as well as the athletic participation fees. >> reporter: athletic fee is $100 per sport. that can add up. >> it is. three sports is $300 a year. we mirrored with a loudoun county put in place the prior year. trying to be somewhat uniform in the area. >> reporter: what about classes being offered and what people and parents and students can expect? are you seeing major cuts there or have you been able to hold things steady. >> if we were interviewing a year ago, i would have said we've seen a decrease in will he elective programs because of a decrease in teachers but from last year to this year, no change. two years ago we made cuts and have not been able to restore
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those. decreased number of course offers, different high schools for example. >> reporter: what are you expecting here today? >> i usually expect to see exciting things happening. when i get to an elementary school, i'll watch some parents even videotaping their child on the bus and rushing to school to videotape their child getting off the bus. it's an exciting day. >> reporter: how are you doing with bus drivers? do you have all of the routes down and all of that? are you xpebting any problems? >> we are not expecting any problems. several years ago we had a bus driver shortage. we've upped the salary and the economy has helped us in that regard, all of the bus driver positions are filled and people are well prepared and we have an outstanding transportation force. i'm not worried at all about that. >> thank you so much for joining us, good luck today. again, fairfax county, sorry kids, probably hear those alarms now. time to get out of bed and head to class.
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>> megan, thank you. to decision 2010 now, fenty picked up another endorsement from the "washington examiner." fenty in the political fight of his month with the primary one week away. gray has spent his labor day encouraging supporters to vote early. f f fenty did the same. early voting started a week ago. 9,000 have voted to far. >> fire officials want to know what sparked a barn fire in west virginia that killed 25 race horses. this cell phone video shows the intensity of the fire at charlestown races. steve clark and amber take letter were heading home and saw flames engulf one barn and spread to a second and threaten
6:19 am
a third. they ran to the dark stable to rescue panicked horses inside. >> i recall him yelling, you need to get out, the fire. i could see the fire cresting over the top part of the barn. we were still working to get the last few horses out. we literally opened barn doors and shuffled them out. >> firefighters worked for hours to put out hot spots, the fire is estimated to cause $1 million in damage to the barn. starting next tuesday, people in virginia and west virginia can get a flu shot. a record 160 million doses will be available nationwide this year. this year's vaccine will include a strain of the h 1 n 1 virus. it is a great day to be a maryland terrapins fan. navy had a chance to win the game in the final seconds but
6:20 am
quarterback ricky dobbs came up short. it snapped a seven-game losing streak. it's hard to be a hokey fan, virginia tech lost a heartbreaker to boise state. tech led with two minutes left in the game. but moore through a touchdown to put the broncos up 33-30. they held onto the win and this is a season opener for both teams who came in ranked in the top ten in the country. >> there were some folks that did not think that boise state deserved the number three ranking. they looked like they could be playing in national champion shm game in a few months. >> they are the gospel. >> it will be a big game there sunday night, skins and cowboys, huge games there at fedex field. there's maybe a little chance of rain on sunday night.
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here no we're starting off on tuesday with sunny sky. temperature right now is 70 in washington, 60s in the suburbs, most rural areas in the 60s. near 50 in the mountains. not too much humidity, lots of sun and tomorrow midday front coming through with a few clouds and small chance of a shower. highs reaching 80s again and blustery northwest wind after the front goes by tomorrow afternoon. thursday and friday sunny and cooler with highs in the 70s. saturday partly cloudy near 80 and on sunday there is a chance of some rain from the morning all the way into the evening. it could affect the game which is an evening game on sunday night. now ashley, how's the traffic? >> this early morning, we do have delays starting to stack up north and right. already slow leaving old fort road. as we travel on 270 southbound, no surprises. it is still jammed -- not jams
6:22 am
but 109 toward the truck scales is congested. through greenbelt towards the wilson bridge, no major problems to report. this is in the opposite direction coming around the inner loop. no problems this early morning but volume is definite had i a factor. drivers on 95 already stacked up on the prince william parkway towards route 1 and voluntary aga slow again after newing ton. 6:22. after a quick break, the jetblue flight attendant became a folk hero, right? he's trying to avoid jail time. what prosecutors want him to do before they agree to a deal this morning. where the accuracy of roadside speed cameras is being questioned. a powerful quake caught on tape. new video being re [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price,
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folks, we're getting new images that show how powerful last weekend's new zealand earthquake was. christchurch was rocked by the 7.1 quake. amazingly no one was killed. experts are warning now that another powerful trembler could hit new zealand, which has already been shaken by 100 aftershocks so far. the former jetblue flight attendant who made a now notorious exit from a flight may not have to serve prison time after a. steven slater is charged with
6:26 am
criminal mischief and trespassing. his attorneys will try to work out a deal. that deal could include reducing the charges against slater if he agrees to a psychological evaluation and approved for a mental health and alcohol abuse program. so they think he just snapped, huh? >> you know -- >> they think he may have been -- >> maybe. when you're a flight attendant for that long, i could imagine a lot of flight attendants would like to snap. 6:46. ahead, it may surprise you where d.c. falls on the list of stressed out cities. a very interesting story we'll tell you about in a few moments. why david petraeus is issuing a warning to a church in florida. no matter how you travel, it could be a very long morning. why today could be a slow ride on metro an the roads and buses are hitting the road, just part of the reason why aaa has dubbed this morning's rush terrible traffic tuesday. come back.
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back to the grind. starting today, all students in our area are waking up and heading back to class. >> that is contributing to the perfect storm. there are a number of factors that could make this morning
6:30 am
quite the rough go at it for commuters no matter how you travel. thanks for waking up with us on this tuesday morning, i'm craig melv melvin, joe krebs has the morning off. >> i'm eun yang. we're looking live outside at 6:30. it is 68 degrees, another refreshing morning in the nation's capitol. beautiful day as the sun prepares to come up in the nation's capital. >> we've been talking about the kids getting ready to go back to school. you'll be heading out in a little bit to get one of yours off. >> my first one heads to kindergarten this morning, break out the tissues. >> he's ready, mom not so much. >> big day. >> nice morning for first day. >> big day for teachers and school bus drivers too. all of crossing guards and everybody associated with it. the staff that go to all of the schools this morning, don't have any travel problems weatherwise. all of the payments dry around our region. sun will be up here in about 12
6:31 am
minutes. right now 70 degrees at national airport. arlington and montgomery and southern maryland near the bay away from the waters in the 60s most locations. as well as the northern neck and lower eastern shore and southern bay region. farther to our west it's koolter. western maryland and west virginia many locations only near 50 degrees this morning. many locations around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley only in the 50s. highs today climbing into the 80s with lots of sun. low humidity and breezy tomorrow, clouds may produce a sprinkle and cooler thursday and friday. ashley, how's traffic now? >> we do have a marc train delay for you. it is going to be on the camden south line. you'll find 843 is going to be ten minutes late. they were headed towards accident activity along 29. the accident is in the clearing stages but still a little bit of a lineup on the approach.
6:32 am
chopper 41 closer to the beltway around 123 and volume will be a factor for 66 drivers making your way from 28 to route 50. it does appear the pace on 66 that we can see there is moving at a relatively healthy clip towards the beltway. the cars heading down towards the bottom of the screen are continuing towards the belt waxt once inside it. falls church and arlington, no big signs of trouble the a little bit of volume through college park. 270 south will be jammed up from 109 to the truck scales and 95 north is heavy through woodbridge. it is back to school day for hundreds of thousands of area kids. this morning is the first day of classes for students in fairfax, prince william, stafford, loudoun and arlington counties. students in the city of alexandria go back to school today. in fairfax, it means new fees for some parents because of budget constraints. you'll have to pay a $100 per sport activity fee and $75 for
6:33 am
ap and ib tests, the county school septembuperintendent kno fees are steep but fairfax isn't the only school to adopt the policy. >> if you have a child playing in three sports, $300 a year. we've mirrored what loudoun county put in place the prior year. >> fairfax county is the largest school district in virginia and one of the largest in the country. >> be prepared for gridlock today. every year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of worst commutes in the d.c. area. making it what's been dubbed terrible traffic tuesday. tracee wilkins is live in college park overlooking 95 for the morning commute. this morning so far, have you seen the transformation or has if been easy going? >> definitely it's getting heavier on 95. everybody is coming together. folks are heading back to work. government workers are heading
6:34 am
back. it's going to be a mess. it's called terrible traffic tuesday where government workers head back along with school buses and students packing the roads. >> i expect it to be a little crazy. you know, just the traffic it seems like it's been really bad this year, this summer, it's been a pretty crazy summer. >> there are 3 million workers in the d.c. area and half drive to work by themselves, if you have to head out thr areas to look out for. >> most of the potomac river crossings, most have construction going on. greenbelt, the most congested part of the beltway. >> reporter: metro is an option but if you ride the red line trains will be running at the reduced speed after repair work.
6:35 am
>> there's nothing i can do get on the train at the regular time and hope for the best. >> reporter: the best thing for you to do add a 15 to 20 minutes to your commute. tracee wilkins live this morning overlooking 95. back to you. >> thank you. a local company is looking into whether its speed cameras are accurate. the company opto traffic, according to the washington examiner received a dozen citations that showed trucks and buses going more than 25 miles per hour above the speed limit. the company is trying to make sure the cameras accurately record the speed of larger vehicles. five people are recovering from shootings on consecutive nights within a block of each other in northeast washington. a teenager and adult were shot that drive by on blain street. two teenager girls in an adult were shot around the corner on the 300 block of 53rd street at
6:36 am
the clay terrace apartment sunday night. it is not clear yet if the two shootings are connected. everyone is expected to survive. the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan warns against a church's plan to burn the muslim holy book. petraeus says burning the koran cohen danger troops in afghanistan and nationwide. it follows a protest by hundreds of afghans over a plan by the dove outreach center to mark the ninth anniversary of 9/11. the president and many other americans are remembering jefferson thomas this morning. thomas died sunday of pancreatic cancer. he was 68. thomas was one of little rock 9, a group of african-american students who integrated an all-white high school in arkansas. president obama says the country owes him a debt of gratitude for the stand he took half a century ago and leadership he took in
6:37 am
the years that followed. a heartbreaking story. more than two dozen horses killed when a barn goes up in flames. this morning we'll look at dramatic video of the fire and rescue efforts. an adult conversation, people getting together to talk about a controversial store set to open along a quiet street. it's a nice morning out there but it is going to heat up. how hot will it get? weather and traffic on the ones weather and traffic on the ones just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage.
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there it is, the sun is coming up, 6:40. another beautiful morning here in the nation's capital. eun yang getting ready to take her little fellow in for his first day. lots of parents getting ready to do the same. >> no rain thankfully and that's good news for school bus drivers too and all around our region. we have a clear sky, looking off to the east, there's another view of sunrise. live view from the skywatcher camera up 300 feet. it will see the sunrise first. there it is now peeking above the horizon on this tuesday morning. clear, 70 at national airport. 60s in prince george's a. loudoun and prince william and few locations in the 50s. near 70 in the northern neck and
6:41 am
from columbia heights to falls church and damascus, a terrific day underway. low humidity and lots of sun. a blustery wind tomorrow after a front goes by. as it comes through midday, a few clouds and chance of a shower. after that, we'll cool down for thursday and friday. a look at the weekend coming up as well as the forecast for the weekend in ten minutes. and now let's check traffic. how is it looking, ashley? >> we do have a marc train delay for you it's on penn south, 510 is running about seven minutes late. here's the pace on 95 northbound. we are just north of the prince william parkway and that is where delays begin for 95 drivers. you catch a breather up through woodbridge. in newington, more delays out of springfield, the pace does trickle towards the speed limit on to 395, no big problems to report. as you travel around the capitol beltway, no major accidents. we do have some delays on 270
6:42 am
south and you'll find them growing. it's going to be slow and heavy from the 109 area. craig and eun, back to you. 6:42 is your time, 68 degrees. the commute is one of the biggest reasons people in d.c. feel stressed out. where we fall on the list of most stressed out cities. mayor picked up an endorsement one week away from the primary. tens of thousands of kids head back to school, a live report is next. stay
6:43 am
6:44 am
three little words that make many kids cringe and parents rejoy, back to school. tens of thousands in our area will head back. prince william, stafford and arlington county goes back to school today. classes are also back in session in the city of alexandria. in fairfax county though, parents will also have to make adjustments this school year.
6:45 am
students have to be activity fees because of budget constraints. megan mcgrath is live with the latest on that. hey, megan. >> reporter: good morning, craig, early in the morning, you can see the students already startsing to walk into the building behind me getting ready for the first day of classes. there are challenges facing the school system. they have to do more with less. enrollment is up but the budget is down, down by $34 million this year and they are going to have to make changes in order to deal with the situation. there are new fees kicking in this year. students are going to have to pay a $100 activity fee for each sport they play. there's also a $75 fee for every ap or ib test taken by students. last year we saw increases in class sizes as well as cuts in electives. the worst cuts were avoided this year but there are a number of electives that were slated to be eliminated that actually were spared. so while we are seeing some lean
6:46 am
times the school superintendent says things aren't as bad as they could be. >> we were interviewing a year ago, i would have said we would see a significant decrease in some of the elective programs, because of decreased number of teachers. but from last year to this year, there will be virtually no change. we should understand though that two years ago we had to make cuts and we have not been able to restore those. we do see continuation of reduced number of course offerings at different high schools for example, increased chas sizes elementary, middle school. >> reporter: most of the cuts made this year were in the central office so nonclassroom positions and the like. but again, first day of class for kids in fairfax county and you can see there already up and at them and heading off to class behind me. >> thanks, appreciate that. now to decision 2010, d.c.
6:47 am
mayor adrian fenty picked up an endorsement from the washington examiner. he is in a fight to keep his job. the democratic primary is one week ago. vincent gray has a lead over fenty in the polls. gray spent this labor day encouraging supporters to vote early and mayor fenty did the same after enlisting chancellor rhee over the weekend. about 9,000 people voted in the first week. fire investigators are trying to figure out what led to a horrific loss in west virginia. flames tore through three barnes and killed 25 race horses. check out this cell phone video not from the hall hollywood ka seen no. they were heading home to woodbridge and stopped to help. the two saw the flame that's engulfed one barn and ran to another stable to rescue the panicked horses trapped inside. >> it was difficult, we're with
6:48 am
unfamiliar horses scared to death with no lighting, not enough equipment. they seemed to know they were being helped even though they were scared to death. >> firefighters worked for hours to put out hot spots, investigators are estimating the fire did more than a million dollars worth of damage in the barnes. health officials say they have a record number of nflu shots available this year. pub hick health officials say 160 million doses will be available nationwide this flu season. the new vaccine includes a strain of the h 1 n 1 vaccination. manassas residents will have a chance to offer their opinions on an adult theme store moving to town. jackson miller will be holding a town meeting tonight to talk about kk's temptations.
6:49 am
kk's is supposed to open next month in old town, but community leaders say it will make the area less family friendly. the owner says her business will be classy and upscale and discreet. the town hall starts at 7:00 at the city chambers on center street. also tonight, a debate over holiday displays expected to draw a crowd. they are recommending that county ban nativity scenes and other religious symbols at the white house. tonight's hearing starts at 6:30 on harris ton street southeast in leesburg. the board is expected to vote tomorrow. the president has a new plan to boost the economy, major tax cuts, courtney regan is live to elus who will benefit. >> reporter: president obama is set to announce the major
6:50 am
business tax cuts in cleveland. reports are saying companies will be able to write off 100% of new investments in both plants and equipment through next year. the administration believes the cut will cut taxes by $200 billion over the next two years. hopefully businesses can use that money in other places. analysts say with republicans no real mood to compromise, prospects remain unclear. according to the latest survey by staffing foremanpower, they are finding 71% of companies don't expect to change their hi hiring plans. even with demand rising, it's enou not enough to make them hire new workers. industries like education and health services. says detroit is the most stressful city to live in with high unemployment at 14%.
6:51 am
and nearly 10% of families living in property. cleveland and st. louis round out the top five. portfolio weighs factors like crime rates and living standards. d.c. was 15th with high crime in the second longest commute behind new york city. >> pi'm surprised we're not higher actually. have a great day. >> i agree. tropical storm hermine battering south texas. the storm came ashore late last night in northeast mexico packing 65-mile-per-hour winds. hermine could bring a foot of rain to some areas still recovering from hurricane alex back in june. a tropical storm warning is still in effect for parts of mexico. >> tough times over there. looks like we're in for the clear though in our weather. >> some of hermine's rains may make it here on sunday. we'll talk about that coming up. right now, back to work and school own this tuesday morning.
6:52 am
dry pavement i'm happy to report. there's the sun up, live view from the camera in a golden lemon yellow sky. dew points are low and lower humidity and light southerly breeze will warm us up as the day progresses. no precipitation around our region and we have temperatures 60s in loudoun county, prince william and then fairfax montgomery, near 70 in washington. near the bay in the northern neck and eastern shore away from the waters in the 60s. in the mountains in the low 50s to near 50 degrees in western maryland and much of west virginia. all of this thanks to a large area of high pressure in place that's going to be giving us another dry day but with the southerly wind should warm things up. the latest with hermine. it does have a bit of rain but it is weakening as it moves inland. they could get over a foot of rain in south texas today. here it's going to be a sunny
6:53 am
day with highs in the mid-80s with low humidity. sunset at 7:29. then in the 60s by dawn tomorrow. and wednesday should be partly cloudy and small chance of a shower, cooler wednesday thursday and friday with sunshine and highs in the 70s. morning lows 50s. saturday partly cloudy near 80. could get showers on sunday. some of the recommend nanlts of hermine coming through and we might have rain for the game sunday night at fedex field. dry monday getting back to work and school. let's check traffic on this tuesday. ashley, how is it looking? >> things are stacking up left and right. 95 northbound we had a bit of a brush fire that's been cleared. here's the damage that's been done. main line will be heavy up through woodbridge. elsewhere, if you're planning a trip around the capitol beltway it's already jammed up leaving college park towards silver spring. 270 no walk in the park. we saw delays early and they are still kicking up past 109. the pace has lightened up a
6:54 am
pinch but still heavy past father hurley. still inching along towards the beltway. we are rolling accident free. as we pass over the american legion bridge on the outer loop, you'll see sign board activity. that's proving to be quite the distraction for drivers. once beyond that the space fine. back to you. thank you so much. be prepared for gridlock as nearly everyone heads back to either work or school today. every year the return to work and school after labor day marks one of worst commutes in the d.c. area, making it what's called terrible traffic tuesday. tracee wilkins is live in college park overlooking 95. hey there. >> reporter: good morning, craig. we're not hearing the reports of everything is looking clear on this road and everybody is moving fine because it is terrible traffic tuesday. it's going to be a mess. just prepare for gridlock. government workers and school buses and students driving for
6:55 am
first time are all on the roads together today. according to aaa atlantic, there are 3 million workers in the d.c. areas, half drive their cars alone. definitely know you'll have a lot of company out there on the roadway, the best advice from aaa if you haven't left already, give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes today. tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. 6:55 is the time. let's get a check on the top stories. kimberly suiters is live in the newsroom. >> good morning. we're adding a bit to the headaches of terrible tuesday, all stops on the red line are open but trains will travel at reduced speeds. over the weekend workers replaced tracks and made upgrades. a fast-moving fire forced more than a thousand people in chol to evacuate their homes. investigators don't yet know what started the blaze. a new nbc wall street journal poll out this morning
6:56 am
finds 56% of americans don't approve the handling of the economy. 71% disapprove of congress. although 52% say they do approve of the job the president is doing in iraq. as for confidence in our institutions, those polls have a great deal of confidence in military, 48%. small businesses up there 34%. then at 7% and below, the auto industry, the federal government and the national news media, the financial industry and way down at the bottom at 3%, congress. eun, back to you. >> tough numbers, thank you. >> at least we're above congress. >> not saying much at this point. >> it's all relative. meteorologists are not included in the survey, right? >> right. we'll have clear skies and sun on tap for today. highs reaching the upper 80s.
6:57 am
as we get into tomorrow, it will be near 90 degrees. on thursday and friday, should have sunshine in the upper 70s, that's the way it looks right now. >> thank you, tom. >> thanks for starting your day with us. the "today" show is next, we'll be back here tomorrow morning. we start at 4:30. hope you will join us then. have a great day. hey, let me see that map for a second.
6:58 am
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